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What is the difference between the anti-shock pressure gauge and seismic pressure gauges?

Anti-shock pressure gauge:

Anti-shock pressure gauge

The shock-proof pressure gauge is based on the ordinary pressure gauge, which is filled with damping fluid and equipped with a buffer mechanism to reduce the impact of severe environmental vibration and the pulse of the medium on the instrument. The shock-resistant pressure gauge is suitable for places with severe vibration in the environment. It can withstand medium pulsation, shock, and sudden unloading, and the instrument indication is stable and clear. It is widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, power, and other departments to measure the pressure on non-corrosive media of copper and copper alloys.

Seismic pressure gauge

The anti-vibration pressure gauge is composed of a gasket, a diaphragm group, a fork spring, a transmission indicating mechanism and a housing. Seismic pressure gauges are mainly suitable for measuring pulsating pressure and are widely used in petroleum, chemical, machinery, coal, medicine, and other industries. For example, for oil drilling, fracturing, the instrument has the characteristics of preventing “blocking”. The measured medium cannot enter the interior of the instrument, so the medium is allowed to have high viscosity, high particle size, and easy to solidify, such as mud.

digital pressure gauge

The above description is a traditional pointer pressure gauge, and the current intelligent digital display electric contact pressure gauge is derived in order to replace the traditional pressure gauge. Its wiring method is consistent with the traditional electric contact pressure gauge. The intelligent digital display electric contact pressure gauge uses a high-precision pressure sensor as a pressure-sensing element and has no mechanical spring structure, so it has good shock resistance and strong impact resistance.

One meter is versatile and does not need to be switched. It is especially suitable for replacing mechanical electric contact pressure gauges. It is used under the conditions of pressure shock conversion and strong vibration. Such as hydraulic machine, injection molding machine, high-pressure washer, thermal machinery, and other equipment.

As you can see, the working principles and applicable industries of both are very similar. So often they can be used interchangeably, and even many companies introduce them as the same product.

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