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Pressure Gauge Interface

Common Thread Specifications and Customized Specifications of Pressure Gauge Interface

The pressure gauge interface is an important part of the pressure gauge structure, and its size will determine whether the pressure gauge can be successfully installed. Next, we will introduce how to determine which interface to use.

The dial diameter of stainless steel pressure gauge is 50, 60, 75, 100, 150, 200.

When selecting stainless steel pressure gauges with dial diameters of 50 and 60, the corresponding metric thread is only M14 * 1.5, the corresponding inch thread is ZG1 / 4 “, G1 / 4”, 1 / 4NPT, and the corresponding accuracy level is 2.5FS.

When selecting a stainless steel pressure gauge with a dial diameter of 75-200, the corresponding metric thread is M20 * 1.5. The corresponding inch thread is ZG3 / 8, G3 / 8, 3 / 8NPT, ZG1 / 2 “, G1 / 2 “, 1 / 2NPT, the corresponding precision is 1.6FS.

Below we use a sorted picture to illustrate.

This article mainly introduces the different threads used for the pressure gauge connection port in different dial diameters. I hope it helps you choose the correct connector.

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