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Pressure Gauge Classification

10 Pressure Gauge Classification Methods

In order to facilitate the communication at work and the correct selection, use, comparison, and measurement of pressure gauges, it is necessary to properly classify the pressure gauges. DPG introduces ten pressure gauge classification methods (not absolute classification methods).

1. Pressure gauges are classified according to the category of measured pressure

Pressure gauge;

② Vacuum gauge;

③ Pressure-vacuum gauge;

④ Differential pressure gauge;

⑤ Absolute pressure gauge.

2. The pressure gauge is classified according to the size of the measurement range.

① -40000 ~ 40000Pa

② 0 ~ 0.06MPa, 0 ~ 0.1MPa, 0 ~ 0.16MPa, 0 ~ 0.25MPa, 0 ~ 0.4MPa, 0 ~ 0.6MPa, 0 ~ 1MPa, 0 ~ 1.6MPa, 0 ~ 2.5MPa, 0 ~ 4MPa, 0 ~ 6MPa, 0 ~ 10MPa, 0 ~ 16MPa, 0 ~ 25MPa, 0 ~ 40MPa, 0 ~ 60MPa, 0 ~ 100MPa, 0 ~ 160MPa, 0 ~ 250MPa, 0 ~ 400MPa, 0 ~ 600MPa, 0 ~ 1000MPa

③ -0.1 ~ 0MPa

④ -0.1 ~ 0.06MPa, -0.1 ~ 0.15MPa, -0.1 ~ 0.3MPa, -0.1 ~ 0.5MPa, -0.1 ~ 0.9MPa, -0.1 ~ 1.5MPa, -0.1 ~ 2.4MPa

For the relationship between the above two types of pressure gauge classifications, see Table 1 (general pressure gauge) and Table 2 (precision pressure gauge).

Table 1: General pressure gauge

Types Measuring range/MPa
General pressure gauge 0-0.1、0-1、0-10、0-100、0-400、0-0.16、0-1.6、0-16、0-160、0-600、0-0.25、0-2.5、0-25、0-250、0-1000、0-0.4、0-4、0-40、0-0.6、0-6、0-60
General vacuum gauge -0.1~0
General pressure vacuum gauge -0.1~0.06、-0.1~0.5、-0.1~2.4、-0.1~0.15、-0.1~0.9、-0.1~0.3、-0.1~1.5

Note: The ranges of the pressure vacuum gauge are: 0.16, 0.25, 0.4, 0.6, 1.0, 1.6, 2.5 (MPa), which are consistent with the upper measurement limit of the pressure gauge, so that the accuracy level and the maximum allowable error can be the same.

Table 2 Precision pressure gauge

Types Measuring range /MPa
Precision pressure gauge 0-0.1、0-1、0-10、0-100、0-0.16、0-1.6、0-160、0-0.25、0-2.5、0-25、0-250、0-0.4、0-4、0-40、0-0.6、0-6、0-60
Precision vacuum gauge -0.1~0

3. According to the accuracy level of the pressure gauge

① The accuracy levels of precision pressure gauges are: 0.06, 0.1, 0.16, 0.25, 0.4, and 0.6, a total of 6 levels;

② The accuracy levels of general pressure gauges are: 1.0, 1.6, 2.5, 4.0, a total of 4 levels.

Note: In JJG 49-1999 “Verification Regulations for Spring-tube Precision Pressure Gauges and Vacuum Gauges”, class 0.06 is the class used for technological development; class 0.6 is the class used for degradation of 0.4.

4. According to the nominal diameter of the pressure gauge shell

Shell Nominal Diameter /mm Level of Accuracy
150、200、250、300、400 0.06、0.1、0.16、0.25、0.4、0.6

5. Pressure gauges are classified according to the used elastic components

① Spring tube pressure gauge (C-shaped tube, spiral tube, coil spring tube);

② Diaphragm pressure gauge;

③ Capsule pressure gauge;

④ Bellows pressure gauge.

6. The pressure gauge is classified according to the working medium used.

① Pressure gauge using oil medium;

② Pressure gauge using gas medium;

③ Use a pressure gauge for filling fluid;

④ Use a pressure gauge with corrosion resistance, high viscosity, easy to crystallize, and easy to solidify medium;

⑤ Use a pressure gauge that is resistant to acid and alkaline media.

7. Pressure gauges are classified by use

① Precision pressure gauge for standard device;

② General pressure gauge for indicating pressure;

Pressure gauge for oxygen, hydrogen, acetylene gas;

④ Anti-seismic pressure gauge for vibration and shock environmental conditions;

⑤ Stainless steel pressure gauge for chemical engineering;

⑥ Electric contact pressure gauge for alarm and position control;

Remote pressure gauge for long distance transmission of electrical signals;

Remote pressure gauge for long distance transmission of electrical signals;

Marine pressure gauges for marine equipment;

Diaphragm pressure gauge for chemical fiber production with high viscosity and easy crystallization medium pressure;

Tire pressure gauge for measuring the pressure of automobile tires;

Recording pressure gauge for automatic recording of pressure;

Empty box barometer and empty box barometer for measuring and recording atmospheric pressure;

Blood pressure meter for measuring human blood pressure;

Pressure gauges for other uses.

8. The pressure gauge is classified according to the measured pressure level (as shown in Figure 1)

① Vacuum gauge measurement upper limit is -0.1MPa;

② Micromanometer The upper measurement limit is ± 40000Pa (0.04MPa);

③ Low-pressure meter measurement upper limit is 6MPa;

④ Medium pressure gauge The upper measurement limit is 60MPa;

⑤ High-pressure meter measurement upper limit is 250MPa;

⑥ Super high pressure gauge The upper measurement limit is 1000MPa.

9. Pressure gauges are classified according to the indicated value

① Pointer pressure gauge;

② Recording pressure gauge;

③ Digital pressure gauge.

10. Pressure gauges are classified by threaded joints and installation methods

① General pressure gauge: According to the threaded joint and installation method, it can be divided into a direct-installed pressure gauge, flush-mounted (panel-mounted) pressure gauge, and convex-mounted (wall-mounted) pressure gauge.

② Precision pressure gauge: installation methods are divided into radial direct installation and flush-mounted installation;

③ The relationship between the nominal diameter of the shell and the size of the threaded joint.

Pressure Gauge Classification

The above is a description of ten classification methods of pressure gauges. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

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