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Precautions for Using Digital Pressure Gauge

1. Precautions for Field Use

1.1. The on-site conditions of the digital pressure gauge should meet the requirements of its own technical parameters. Select the meter range correctly. The measured pressure cannot exceed the upper and lower limits of the meter measurement. There should be a sufficient safety margin for overpressure.

1.2. The temperature of the measured medium of the digital pressure gauge should not exceed the working temperature range of the instrument. When used in corrosive and vibration places, the instrument’s seal and vibration resistance should be ensured.

1.3. The digital pressure gauge is a vertical downward direct installation type, which can be directly installed on the pressure interface of the pipeline under test. It is divided into axial and radial installation. When installing, avoid “closed pressure” between the instrument connection thread and the valve in front of the meter. “(Observe the displayed value, pay attention to the pressure response time), if the pressure is formed, it should be eliminated in time, otherwise, the measuring element will be damaged and the medium will leak.

2. Operation Instructions

The sensor and display processing part of the digital display pressure gauge adopts an integrated design structure, which is easy to use. The digital display pressure gauge is directly connected to the measuring mechanism by using a thread. There is no requirement on the angle of the digital display pressure gauge. Before using the measurement, you should estimate the approximate pressure range of the target to avoid damage to the sensor due to excessive pressure outside the measurement range.

3. Faults and Troubleshooting Methods

Digital pressure gauge is an industrial product. During transportation and use, due to environmental interference and improper human operation, the instrument may not work and display properly. For simple faults, users can eliminate them by themselves. Other faults need to be returned to the manufacturer for repair. Common problems and their solutions are listed below.

4. Common Problems and Solutions of Digital Pressure Gauges

4.1. The backlight is very dim: The battery is low, and the battery needs to be replaced.

4.2. The battery logo flashes: the battery is low, and the battery needs to be replaced.

4.3, The pressure does not change, there are three reasons:

4.3.1. Pressure hole is blocked, check pressure hole;

4.3.2. Zeroing with pressure leads to zeroing again under no pressure;

4.3.3. The sensor is damaged. Return to the factory for repair.

4.4. Display EH, two reasons:

4.4.1. The pressure is out of range. Be careful not to overpressure.

4.4.2. The sensor is damaged. Return to the factory for repair.

4.5. Frequent pressure shocks, there are two possibilities:

4.5.1. Easy to damage the sensor, increase the buffer tube;

4.5.2. It is easy to cause leakage. Add a buffer tube.

4.6. There is a high temperature on site, there are two reasons:

4.6.1. It is easy to damage the pressure gauge, and increase the heat pipe/heat sink;

4.6.2. Cause pressure deviation and add heat pipes/heat sink.

This article mainly introduces precautions for using a digital pressure gauge. Help you to understand how to use the digital pressure gauge.

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