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Digital Pressure Gauge

Performance and Characteristics of Digital Pressure Gauge

Digital pressure gauge construction principle

The digital pressure gauge passes the elastic deformation of the sensitive components (bourdon tube, capsule, bellows) in the table, and then the pressure conversion is transmitted to the pointer by the conversion mechanism of the movement in the digital pressure gauge, causing the pointer to rotate to display the pressure.

Performance of digital pressure gauges

Digital pressure gauge has the advantages of small size, safe and reliable performance, and clear display. Accurately measure the flow rate, liquid level, gauge pressure, absolute pressure, vacuum and gravity. It is directly connected with the secondary instrument and computer control system to realize the automatic detection and control of the production process. It can be widely used in gas and liquid pressure detection in various industrial fields.

Features of digital pressure gauge

1. Automatic range: Provide high resolution and accuracy in the low-pressure range when needed;

2. Automatic shutdown: Automatic shutdown after 40 minutes to save battery;

3. Stable mode: The stable function is used to stabilize the reading. It will show the average of the first four readings;

Digital Pressure Gauge

4. Zero return function: Provides fast one-click zero return.

Digital Pressure Gauge

This article shows the performance and characteristics of digital pressure gauges, so that you can better understand digital pressure gauges.

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