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How to Reset a Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge

If the pointer on the hydraulic pressure gauge deviates from the reading of 0 PSI, it indicates that it is damaged.

How Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges Get off Track?

The pressure gauge may undergo high temperature and height changes during transportation. This will cause an increase in pressure inside the gauge, which will lead to inaccurate readings.

Don’t worry about it. The pressure gauge can be recalibrated. It’s unlikely that there was permanent damage done to your gauge and it should get back to a factory level reading (0 psi).

There is a way to reset it to zero. Let us see what to do.

The liquid-filled pressure gauge has various plugs to keep the liquid inside. It may have a rubber stopper, a rubber plug with a brass pin, or a closed pressure relief tube.

Although they look a bit different, the key to resetting them is the same. You want to relieve pressure by venting the cap.

Rubber Stopper

Fit your fingernail under the cap to release the pressure and the pointer will return to normal.

It’s normal for some of the glycerin to escape a bit. just wipe it off with so that no dust or debris builds on your gauge.

Rubber Plug With Brass Pin

Gauges with brass pins are easier to fix, just pull the pin to release the pressure.

It should set itself back to zero. After that, you can push the pin back in place.

How to Reset a Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge

Other Techniques

Once your liquid filled pressure gauge is emptied, it is unlikely that this will happen again.

That is, as long as the meter is not exposed to high temperatures or pressure drops. (This is not often the case. )

The gauge should be installed vertically, especially if there is a pressure relief tube at the top. This prevents glycerin or silicone oil leakage and makes it easier to vent the pressure gauge if necessary.

Okay, everything is ready!

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