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accurate pressure gauge

How to Know If Your Pressure Gauge Is Accurate?

The pressure gauge is one of the most critical components in most processing systems. From petrochemical processing to pneumatic devices, pressure gauges play an important warning role. However, just having a pressure gauge is not enough. If the pressure gauge cannot provide accurate readings, it is meaningless.

What Are the Signs That the Pressure Gauge May Be Out of Order?

The inaccurate pressure gauge is a matter of great concern. From excessive equipment vibration to exposure to extreme temperatures, there are many factors that can affect the accuracy of your pressure gauge readings.

Some signs that your pressure gauge is reading incorrectly:

The reading is too low or too high.
The indicator pointer does not return to zero.
When you use another measurer, you get a different reading.
When the measured pressure changes significantly, the pressure gauge reading does not change.

accurate pressure gauge

The Dangers of Using Inaccurate Pressure Gauges

Continuing to use the faulty pressure gauge may cause hydraulic failure, pneumatic blowout, or material leakage. After all, when the pressure reading is inaccurate, your equipment may be operating in a dangerously high-pressure environment. This situation may cause injury to employees, permanent damage to expensive equipment, and risk of fire.
The best way to avoid such risks is to always use appropriate equipment, including precise meters; to check the equipment regularly; teach employees how to use and operate the machine correctly.

If you want to learn about calibrating pressure gauges, you can read this article: Ten Factors You Should Consider When Calibrating Pressure Gauges.

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