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How to Install a Precision Pressure Gauge?

The installation position of the precision pressure gauge should meet the requirements of the installation state. The dial should generally be vertical, and the position should be suitable for observation by the staff. At the same time, the leak tightness should be ensured.

1. Selection of the position of the pressure port

1.1 Make the sampling tube and the medium flow direction perpendicular to each other, and avoid selecting the valve, branch, and elbow where the vortex is easy to form;

1.2 When there is a protruding object in the pipeline, take the pressure The mouth should be taken in front of it;

 1.3 When measuring the pressure of liquid and water vapor, the pressure taking point should be set on the lower side wall of the horizontal pipeline, so that there is no gas in the impulse pipe, and the sediment in the pipeline will not block the sampling pipe mouth;

1.4 It is a pressure gauge for measuring liquid and vapour media. It is installed in the lower part of the instrument panel to prevent liquid or condensate from dripping on other instruments.

2. The laying of the impulse pipe should pay attention to the following:

 2.1 The inner diameter of the impulse pipe is usually 6-10mm, and the length is less than 50mm. Small measurement error and avoiding the delay of the indication of the pressure gauge caused by the hysteresis of the medium;

2.2 The horizontal section of the connecting pipe should have a certain slope, and the slope of 1: 10 ~ 1: 20 should be maintained to facilitate the discharge of condensate or gas in the pipe.

https://www.dpgkits.com/product/hydraulic-pressure-gauge-400-bar/2.3 An isolation valve must be installed on the impulse pipeline for use in the maintenance of the pressure gauge.

3. Determination of the installation height

The installation height should be suitable for the staff to observe and should be level with the sight of the average person, that is, 1.5m to 1.6m and the high pressure should be higher than the average person’s head, that is, about 1.7m to 1.8m. When the installation position of the pressure gauge is perpendicular to the pressure measurement point, the liquid column difference should be corrected. The correction value is equal to the pressure value generated by the liquid column in the catheter with the vertical height difference between the meter and the pressure measurement point. When the meter is higher than the pressure measurement point, add this correction value; conversely, when the meter is lower than the pressure measurement point, this value should be subtracted.

4. Use of gaskets

In order to ensure the tightness, a suitable gasket should be selected at the seal between the joint of the precision pressure gauge and the base. When the working temperature and pressure are lower than 80 ℃ and 2MPa, use a leather or rubber gasket; at 80 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, below 5MPa use an asbestos paper or aluminum pad; when the working temperature and pressure are higher, use annealed copper pad or Lead pad.

The details of the installation can help us better install the pressure gauge, and at the same time can effectively protect the pressure gauge from damage during the installation process.

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