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How to Clean the Pressure Gauge?

After using the pressure gauge for a period of time, because the working environment of the meter is various, or the wind, the sun, the rain, or the corrosion of various media, all parts of the meter will produce certain dirt and rust. During the verification of the meter, Before picking up the instrument should be properly cleaned.

Clean the Pressure Gauge

1. If there is dirt in the pressure guiding hole of the instrument connector, you can use a needle tube to inject gasoline into the pressure guiding hole, shake and wash, and then shake it out. Repeat several times to clean it.

2. If dust accumulates in the case, remove the cover, scoop out the dust in turn, and then blow off the remaining dust with an air blower.

3. If there is dust or dirt on the watch glass that will hinder the reading of the meter, remove the watch glass and clean it with water or wipe it with cotton wool and alcohol.

4. Due to the humid atmospheric corrosion, the meter joints may rust, which will affect the installation of the meter. At this time, you can immerse in gasoline to scrub and remove the rust, or you can pass the corresponding thread die once to remove the rust on the threads.

Clean the Pressure Gauge

This article mainly explains how to clean the hydraulic gauge, which can effectively maintain the hydraulic gauge.

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