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How pressure gauges diagnose small problems?

Electric contact pressure gauges are trivial because of their common strengths, that is, they have universal process compliance, excellent grasping functions, and relatively expensive capital, and they are increasingly used in various fields. Only an unlimited number of pressure gauges, flow meters, etc. are used to indicate the mission parameters of some parts, other parameters are difficult to measure, and there are many types of general shortcomings. This makes it difficult to diagnose the trivial shortcomings of hydraulic pressure gauges.

pressure gauges diagnose

1. Always review the oil level position, and adjust it to meet the request when it does not comply with the rules. When the vacuum pump is working, the oil level is to the center of the oil mark.

pressure gauges diagnose

2. Try to grasp the flow and head of the vacuum pump in the area indicated on the label to ensure that the vacuum pump works at the highest PowerPoint, so as to obtain the greatest energy-saving results.

3. The oil change period should be considered according to the actual operating conditions and whether it can meet the functional requirements, and the user should make a choice. Generally, when a new vacuum pump is used to remove clean and monotonous gas, it is recommended to change the oil once every 100 hours. After the black metal powder is not visible in the oil, the oil change period can be appropriately extended at that time.

4. Harmony with decoration and hydropower;

5. Diagnosis of the trivial shortcomings of the hydraulic pressure of the electric contact pressure gauge

5.1 Carefully review the construction quality of air-conditioning equipment again and let the owner inspect and approve it.

5.2 Advise the decoration construction workers: When the refrigerant copper pipe and the condensate drain pipe pass through the center decoration, be careful not to maintain heat insulation, let alone maintain the pipe itself, and be careful not to nail the nails. The refrigerant copper pipes and condensate drain pipes that are especially buried in the wall must be marked with a drawing to indicate the position and direction, and handed over to the decoration construction person, and reminded that holes or nails should not be allowed around the position.

pressure gauges diagnose

6. The packing gland is often adjusted to ensure that the drip in the stuffing room is normal (it is better to drip out).

7. Often review the situation of oil quality, found that the oil should be changed in a timely manner to change the new oil, to ensure the general mission of the vacuum pump.

7.1 Where should the condensate drainage be drained, which drainage pipe is connected to, and how to connect the pressure gauge, it must be in harmony with the plumber.

pressure gauges diagnose

7.2 Whether the equipment condition of the indoor unit, air supply box, return air box, and air duct and the heat insulation condition can affect the height of the electrical contact pressure gauge device.

8. Review whether the vacuum pump pipeline and separation are loose. Roll the vacuum pump by hand to see if the vacuum pump is active.

9. Participate in the smooth oil of the bearing into the bearing body. Check that the oil level is at the core-core line of the oil standard. The smooth oil should be switched or compensated in time.

10. Unscrew the water screw plug of the vacuum pump body, and pour water (or slurry).

Use the pressure gauge to detect small faults in the machine and take protective measures. It helps maintain machine life.

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