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how liquid filled pressure gauge works

How Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge Works?

The liquid-filled pressure gauge is a mechanical pointer type pressure gauge with filling liquid in the watch case or a mechanical pointer (or rotary dial) type pressure gauge with filling liquid and damper in the watch case. (Including joints, spring tubes, current limiting screws, etc.), gear transmission mechanism, a display device (pointer and dial), and housing (including watch case, watch cover, watch glass, etc.).

how liquid filled pressure gauge works

1. Working Principle

The pressure of the measured medium acts on the diaphragm and transmits it to the damping fluid in the surface volume chamber. Using the capillary channel throttling principle, the pressure pulsation is suppressed by the damper and becomes a steady pressure, which acts on the elastic element to cause displacement, and then indicates the measured pressure value.

how liquid filled pressure gauge works

The main feature of the liquid-filled pressure gauge is that it has good shock resistance, and has excellent applicability to the pressure measurement of the fluid pressure of the instantaneous impact and the violent pulsation of the medium. The viscous damping fluid contains a transmission indicating mechanism so that the vibration interference generated when the mechanical vibration is subjected to the pressure test of the seismic pressure gauge is greatly weakened.

The structure of the liquid-filled pressure gauge is fully sealed, making it fully able to work normally in harsh environments and conditions such as dust, underwater, and high humidity. The seismic pressure gauge is characterized by anti-blocking and easy to solidify mud, cement, etc. And easy to crystallize, high viscosity media can be measured. The structure of the shock-resistant pressure gauge includes the indicating mechanism, elastic element, damper, and capsule diaphragm.

2. The Principle Structure

It is composed of capsule diaphragm, damper, elastic element and indicator mechanism.

how liquid filled pressure gauge works

The working principle of the shockproof watch composed of the sealing pad, the diaphragm group, the hook spring, the transmission indicating mechanism, the housing, etc. The pulsating pressure of the measured medium acts on the diaphragm group through the seal. The diaphragm group uses the capillary channel current limiting principle to suppress the pressure pulsation and become a more stable pressure. The pressure is converted into a concentrated force by the mechanism to act on the hook spring, and the hook spring is deformed. After being amplified by the transmission mechanism, the dial is rotated, and then the average value of the measured pulsating pressure is pointed out.

3. Principle-Related Features

3.1 Good Shock Resistance

how liquid filled pressure gauge works

It is especially suitable for the measurement of fluid pressure with severe pulsation or instantaneous impact of the medium. The transmission indicator mechanism is in the viscous damping liquid, which greatly weakens the influence of the mechanical vibration of the environment where the instrument is located on its work.

3.2 Anti-blocking features

It adopts umbrella sealing structure, and can work in harsh environments and water such as high humidity and dust. It can be used for the measurement of high viscosity, easy to crystallize and solidify media such as cement and mud.

This article describes in detail the working principle of the liquid-filled pressure gauge, and we hope you have a guiding direction for using the hydraulic gauge. Our company also has a high-quality liquid-filled pressure gauge, if you are interested, please leave a message.

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