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Daily Calibration Methods for Pressure Gauges in Industrial Fields

Pressure gauges are widely used in the industry. During the calibration of the pressure gauge, the problem of over-indication is common. Here we will share the adjustment method:

1. The outliers are the same at each test point. After boosting, the pointer can be reinstalled at the first verification point other than zero to calibrate the indication.

Pressure Gauges Calibration Methods

2. The difference is a linear error. When the error gradually increases, move the indication adjustment screw outward to increase the arm length; otherwise, move it inward to decrease the arm length.

3. The displayed value difference is fast first (positive error) and then slow (negative error). Turn the movement counterclockwise to increase the included angle between the drawbar and the sector gear; otherwise, turn the movement clockwise to reduce the included angle. After adjustment, the error is a linear error, and then you can move the indication adjustment screw.

Pressure Gauges Calibration Methods

4. The indication is out of tolerance around half of the pressure. After boosting, the pointer can be reinstalled in the middle position. If the error cannot be eliminated, the angle between the lever and the sector gear should be adjusted for comprehensive adjustment.

5. Only one or two points are out of tolerance. Check the fit of the movement near this point. When the difference is positive, there are dirt and burrs on the gear meshing; when the difference is negative, the teeth are worn and injured and should be repaired or replaced.

6. Adjust the pressure gauge many times, but the back and forth difference is still too bad, and the pointer does not return to the zero position, the spring tube may be deformed and needs to be replaced again.

Pressure Gauges Calibration Methods

After the adjustment is completed, assemble all parts of the pressure gauge and perform the test again according to the verification procedures.

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