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cat hydraulic pressure gauge

Hydraulic Pressure TestCaterpillar’s construction machinery is widely used in various types of engineering construction, such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers, etc. Most of these types of machinery and types of equipment are hydraulic. We all know that problems occur when the hydraulic system is under-pressured or overloaded. Testing whether the pressure is in the normal range is one of the important methods to find the pressure malfunction. And the pressure gauge kit tool is what you need in your work.

Which pressure gauge kits does DPG mainly supply?

A Digital pressure gauge is an online measuring instrument. It uses a long-term battery power supply method, which requires no external power supply and is easy to install and use. This product has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, and other fields through a pressure gauge that displays the measured pressure in digital form. Digital pressure gauge has high precision, high stability, error ≤1%, internal power supply, micropower consumption, stainless steel housing, and solid protection.

This pressure gauge has high accuracy, fast response time, high precision, and precision instrument. The price of the digital pressure gauge is higher than the price of the hydraulic pressure gauge. Because the production cost of the digital pressure gauge is higher, and it is simpler and more intuitive to test the pressure value than the hydraulic pressure gauge.

  1. 2 Mechanical pressure gauge
hydraulic pressure gauge

The mechanical pressure gauge is also called a shockproof pressure gauge. It is a meter filled with a damping fluid (usually silicone oil or glycerin) in the housing, which can resist the vibration of the working environment and reduce the pulsation effect of the medium pressure. The anti-shock pressure gauge is suitable for places with severe vibration. It can withstand the pulsation, shock, and sudden unloading of the medium, and the instrument indication is stable and clear. It is widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, power, and other departments to measure the pressure on the non-corrosive media of copper and copper alloys.

DPG often sells diaphragm silicone oil pressure gauges, which have a long service life. Silicone oil has high sensitivity, and the diaphragm fluid is clear. This kind of pressure gauge set is cheaper. For buyers, this pressure gauge is the most cost-effective.

2. Three points to note when purchasing a CAT excavator hydraulic pressure gauges

The first point: You need to know the pressure value of your hydraulic system in order to purchase the corresponding pressure gauge. We provide the following pressure gauges:

Digital pressure gauges: -0.1-1Mpa, -0.1-2.5Mpa, -0.1-10Mpa, -0.1-25Mpa, -0.1-40Mpa, -0.1-60Mpa, -0.1-70Mpa, -0.1-80Mpa, -0.1-100Mpa

Hydraulic pressure gauges: 0.2Mpa, 0.6Mpa, 2 Mpa, 10Mpa, 25Mpa, 40Mpa, 60Mpa

The second point: According to the hydraulic pressure of different pressure values, different hose tests need to be configured. We offer the following hose tests:

M16x2 female Hose TestM16x2 / BSP1 / 4 Hose Test,  NPT1 / 4 female Hose Test.

hose tests

The third point: The most important thing for Caterpillar excavators is the Test Quick Release Coupling. This accessory determines whether it can really be applied to Caterpillar excavators. Test Quick Release couplings are connectors or accessories used to mate fluid lines with equipment that needs to be repeatedly connected and disconnected. They can be used for both hydraulic and pneumatic applications and are designed for easy manual operation, mainly for accessories on mobile machinery. We have B series connectors for Caterpillar.

Test Quick Release Coupling

3. Which DPG products can be used on CAT machines?

3.1 Mechanical Hydraulic Pressure test kits for caterpillar

3.2 Digital Hydraulic Pressure Gauges kit

This is the set of gauge series currently configured in our warehouse. Our company will also provide customized services, you can customize the corresponding pressure gauge, hose test, etc. according to your Caterpillar machine model.

4. What are the benefits of purchasing DPG’s CAT hydraulic meter?

4.1. Our products have 2 years warranty, customers do not need to worry about product quality issues;
4.2. We have our own fixed supplier with a short stocking cycle and fast delivery.
4.3. Accept small order products;
4.4. The more products ordered, the more affordable the price.
4.5. Accept customization.

The above is a detailed display of the DPG pressure gauge. If you want to know more about the products, you can contact us.

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