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Three Steps to Buy a Pressure Gauge

Recently, some customers complained that their newly purchased pressure gauges often have problems such as inaccurate pressure values and excessive errors. Some of them only use one cycle, and the pressure gauge fails to pass the test and cannot be repaired. , Only the consequences of scrapping.

We remind customers here that when buying a pressure gauge, you should ask one question and two to see the amount:

Step1: Ask

Before purchasing a pressure gauge, consult with the metrological verification personnel of the local quality supervision department to understand the situation of the pressure gauge manufacturer and the common sense of the pressure gauge purchase and use, and choose a reputable product.


Compare the pressure gauges of the same model, and choose to buy a pressure gauge with good appearance quality and a long connecting port.

Step3: Amount

When buying, put the pressure gauge of the same model in your hand and compare it. In comparison, inferior pressure gauges are relatively light in weight due to cutting corners, and the quality of the heavyweight is relatively good. You can rest assured to buy.

In order to ensure customer satisfaction with Guangshun pressure gauges, DPG pressure gauges are strictly controlled in quality: purchased pressure gauge parts need to undergo strict inspection before being used in the factory; each process in the pressure gauge installation process is strictly monitored; The pressure gauges are rigorously calibrated before leaving the factory, and DPG pressure gauges do their best to ensure the quality of the pressure gauge products.

With years of experience in pressure gauge R & D, production and sales, DPG pressure gauges are widely praised by customers for their quality and have a large number of fixed customer bases. New customers are also increasing rapidly.

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