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Absolute Pressure Formula

All you Need to Know about Absolute Pressure Formula

Absolute pressure refers to the pressure directly acting on the surface of the container or object, that is, the actual pressure the object bears. It’s zero points is an absolute vacuum, and the symbol is PABS (ABS is the subscript). The pressure caused by a thick atmosphere surrounding the earth’s surface on the earth’s surface or surface objects is called “atmospheric pressure”, and the symbol is B.

The pressure measured with pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, U-shaped tubes, and other instruments is called “gauge pressure” (also called relative pressure). The “gauge pressure” starts from atmospheric pressure and the symbol is Pg.

There are three ways to express pressure, namely: absolute pressure, gauge pressure, negative pressure, or vacuum:

(1) Absolute pressure is the actual pressure that the object bears, and its zero point is absolute vacuum.

(2) Gauge pressure refers to the difference between absolute pressure and atmospheric pressure.

(3) Vacuum degree refers to when the absolute pressure value is less than atmospheric pressure, the gauge pressure is negative (ie negative pressure), the absolute value of this negative pressure value.

The legal unit of pressure is Pa, the larger unit is MPa = 10 ^ 6Pa

1 Standard atmospheric pressure = 0.1013MPa

In the old unit system, the unit of pressure is kgf /cm2, 1kgf / cm2 = 0.098MPa

Gauge pressure (relative pressure) unit: MPa (G)

Absolute pressure unit: MPa (A)

Relative Pressure + Atmospheric Pressure = Absolute Pressure

Relative Pressure + 0.1 = Absolute Pressure.

0.1 according to local temperature changes and longitude and latitude considerations, the actual value will be 0.5PA lower than your measured value. ( You can refer to international standards or AGA standards)

The above are related concepts of absolute pressure, which also describes the relationship between relative pressure and absolute pressure. You can contact us in the previous article ” All you Need to Know about Relative Pressure Formula ” to understand together.

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