Shipping Policy

1.Order Confirmation and Tracking:

You can visit the order status page to check the progress of your order as it’s fulfilled. When We update order confirmation and shipping statuses, we will send you a link to the order status page by email, SMS text.

2.Order Proceeding Time:

Order proceeding time for orders from SINOCMP Shenzhen (China) warehouse will be 2~3 working days. And It is 1~2 working days for Order proceeding time from USKYN Warehouse (USA).

2.Delivery Time:

Most of our products are sent from SINOCMP Shenzhen (China) warehouse address: RM.301 3F Building A, 46 Pupai Rd, Shenzhen Shi, Guang Dong province, China 518172. Products sent from this address will take 3~7 working days to arrive. We will send orders by HK DHL, UPS, TNT, or FedEx.

Orders from USKYN Warehouse (USA) will take the other 2~3 working days to arrive. We do not have one-night delivery. 

While the efficiency of export customs clearance and import customs clearance will affect the speed of delivery. The efficiency of express delivery will also affect the final delivery time.

3.Freight (Shipping Charges)

The freight of the orders depends on the weight of products and consignee address. The freight reference table is as follows:

Weight/CountryNorth AmericaBritain, France, Germany, Italy, PortugalAustralia, New ZealandIndonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, VietnamColombia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru
0-0.5 kg$33.00$36.00$34.00$34.00$49.00
0.5-1 kg$37.00$42.00$42.00$39.00$56.00
1-1.5 kg$48.00$55.00$56.00$50.00$72.00
1.5-2 kg$52.00$61.00$64.00$55.00$82.00
2-2.5 kg$61.00$72.00$76.00$65.00$96.00
2.5-3 kg$65.00$79.00$84.00$70.00$99.00
3.5-4 kg$81.00$101.00$107.00$88.00$124.00
4-4.5 kg $88.00$111.00$117.00$96.00$136.00
4.5-5 kg$97.00$122.00$129.00$105.00$150.00
5-5.5 kg$132.00$124.00$135.00$98.00$156.00
5.5-6 kg$142.00$133.00$145.00$105.00$168.00
6-6.5 kg$152.00$141.00$154.00$112.00$179.00
6.5-7 kg$162.00$150.00$164.00$118.00$190.00
7-7.5 kg$173.00$159.00$174.00$125.00$202.00
7.5-8 kg$783.00$167.00$183.00$132.00$213.00
8-8.5 kg$793.00$176.00$193.00$139.00$224.00
8.5-9 kg$203.00$184.00$202.00$146.00$236.00
9-9.5 kg$213.00$193.00$212.00$153.00$247.00
9.5-10 kg$223.00$202.00$222.00$160.00$258.00
10-11 kg$243.00$217.00$240.00$173.00$305.00
11-12 kg$262.00$232.00$258.00$186.00$323.00
12-13 kg$281.00$248.00$276.00$200.00$346.00
13-14 kg$301.00$263.00$294.00$213.00$363.00
14-15 kg$320.00$278.00$312.00$227.00$385.00
15-16 kg$339.00$294.00$330.00$240.00$400.00
16-17 kg$359.00$309.00$348.00$254.00$417.00
17-18 kg$378.00$324.00$366.00$267.00$439.00
18-19 kg $397.00$340.00$384.00$280.00$457.00
19-20 kg$417.00$355.00$403.00$294.00$471.00


All orders to the United States from USKYN Warehouse (USA) are free of shipping. And the freight for the orders sent from SINOCMP Shenzhen (China) warehouse to other countries is based on the calculated weight of products. 

For getting the shipping charges, you can enter information in the estimate shipping section of the product page. Our service covers the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and some European countries.

Note: The freight may change according to the exchange rate.


Under the regulation of local customs policy, the taxes for different countries are very different. If the goods are sent from our Shenzhen (China) warehouse, the customer will pay the taxes when the order is imported. The amount of taxes depends on local regulation. The taxes are collected by the customs office during import. If you order the products from warehouses in the United States, Australia, and Europe locally, the taxes will be free.

5.Order tracking

When we ship the goods, we will send you an email with the tracking number. You can check the shipping information by clicking on the following website:

  • DHL:
  • UPS:
  • FedEx:
  • TNT:

6.Contact us

If you have any doubts about the shipping policy, you can contact us in the following ways