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Advantages of DPG Product

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Quality and After-Sales Protection

We offer 2 years warranty and 1 year for None responsibility replacement for standard parts.

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A Wide Range of Uses

DPG pressure gauges can test water pressure, hydraulic pressure, air pressure and oil pressure. Widely used in various types of machinery and equipment.

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Fast stocking cycle

The standard pressure gauge has more than 20 stocking cycles of 2~3 days. We will stock the goods within 2~3 working days after receiving the payment.

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Customization and OEM services

We support custom hydraulic gauges and OEM production. Customize the pressure of the hydraulic gauge, the interface of the accessories, and the length according to your needs. You can only provide the parameters of your various accessories, the materials required, etc.

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Our Products

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Mechanical Pressure Gauges

Mechanical Pressure Gauges Sets
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About our Company

Founded in 2012, CMP Technology Co., Limited specializes in tools and machinery parts.

As a brand of CMP, DPG specializes in the development, sales and promotion of pressure gauges. As a main product of CMP, DPG has a vast market in Europe and America. Our pressure gauges are mainly used in all kinds of mechanical equipment, especially heavy construction machinery, testing hydraulic pressure, oil pressure, water pressure, air pressure and so on. We have sold 10,000 sets of Ebay and Amazon under the SINOCMP brand, which has won the reputation and appreciation of our customers. DPG will expand business in custom, OEM and bulk ordering to meet all the needs of our customer.


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